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Jul 23, 2018 6:45 PM

The club's popular lesson series continues on July 23 with EasyBridge! 3.  See the Lessons page for details.  No beginner lesson/game will be held on July 16.  

Sep 17, 2018 6:45 PM

Become the champions of QuickTricks!  Extra masterpoints for the usual $6.  

Sep 24, 2018 6:45 PM

Try something different!  Come play in the club's annual Board-A-Match.  Played like a team game (four player teams required) , but the movement, strategy, and scoring are like matchpoints.  Check it out! 

Matchpoints in the 299er as usual.  Be there! 

Oct 08, 2018 6:00 PM

Learn something new in our Chalk Talk series, then try out your new knowledge in the game.  See the Chalk Talks page for details. 

Oct 22, 2018

QuickTricks will celebrate its 40th anniversary on October 22.  Join us to commemorate this very special occasion for the club.  We will have anniversary keepsakes and treats for all, and welcome our founding members.  The game will be a Club Appreciation game for extra masterpoints -- because we've loved and appreciated QT for 40 years!  

Oct 29, 2018 6:45 PM

Get your team together and love your club four ways!  Club Appreciation Swiss Teams in both sections.  Extra masterpoints -- including up to .25 gold!